Student Motivational Rewards

Rewards for Student Grades, Behavior, Attitude and School Attendance

As low as 30 Cents per Reward - Free Samples - We Can Bill Your School

Student Motivational Rewards are be used by schools, teachers and PTA's to motivate student grades, behavior, effort, attendance, improvement, achievements, attitude and the objectives you have set for your students.

Our Student Motivational Rewards Patches really work. Read the Testimonials below and on our website - we have received over 300 Testimonials. The Stars can be used for any reward. The "A" is perfect for Attendance. The "V" can be an award the teacher gives to any student who achieves a Personal Victory, which could be any sort of improvement in grades, homework or behavior. The Happy Face can be for assisting the teacher, being nice to other students, or as a Citizenship award. The "B" is for Bravery - you define what is Brave. Bravery can be working extra hard to get better grades or being a good role model. Bravery is another word for Character, but it is a word kids relate to because every kid wants to be brave.

The Student Motivational Rewards Patches are effective even if they are not ironed on. They can be ironed on, or pinned to a bulletin board, or they can be collected. They are great rewards and students love them. There are Hundreds of Testimonials for our Student Motivational Rewards Patches. You can read some Testimonials below.

School Accounts: We will gladly set up a billing account for your school and send an invoice with the patches. Call 1-888-373-7745 to set up an account, or contact us by email. Schools can call our toll-free number to place an order. We qualify as a Sole Source Provider and most schools can order from us without getting bids. Our designs are original and protected by copyright. We are glad to send your school free samples.

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"The patches for our PTA Student Awards are working great! We have been very happy!" Anita, PTA Board Member, TX Elementary School

"Our school used the patches last year for reward incentives and they were a big hit. We ran out twice, so we decided to buy 3,000 this time around." Christi, California Elementary School

"The patches are good because the kids can put them on their back packs, jackets, scrapbooks or whatever they choose." Michelle, Mass. Middle School

"I'm so excited to have found you. I've been paying $1 a patch, so this will save me lots of money." April

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